Emotional Wellness Consultant

Emotional Wellness Consultant based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Emotional Wellness Consultant.

The integral emotional equilibrium method (body – mind – spirit) is recommended for physically healthy people and various psychosomatic conditions.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being”.

If any of these points fails, you can’t equate it to a healthy life, even though we don’t feel any physical pain.

The World Health Organization, (WHO) says that many of the current illnesses suffered today are psychosomatic, related to the emotional state.

The psychosomatic ailment is a physical pathology caused by a mental – emotionaldisorder.

Many psychosomatic illnesses can occur 6 to 18 months after having experienced a critical, stressful or painful circumstance.

These issues affect our lives and its enjoyment thereof.Such emotional conflicts are projected onto our daily life making more difficult and sometimes even impossible to function properly, taking away our desire for pleasure and enjoyment.

Rarely do we take time out to stop and think about our high or low sex drive, Money problems, career challenges, daily struggles?

All these issues can trigger unexpected conflicts.

It is not uncommon for sexual dissatisfaction to affect our daily routine without even realizing it and much less foreseeing the long term repercussions it will have in our lives if we don’t take control of the root cause and learn how to overcome it.

It is possible to have an amazing sex life, achieve and attain complete harmony with our bodies, emotions and thoughts.

Thus connecting with our environment and those we choose to spend our lives with.What would a better sex life look like for you?

Consider that question, how different would life be if you could have the relationship and sexual connection of your dreams?

Whether you are male and have problems with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or just don’t know what to do.

If you are female and feel sexually awkward, experience pain during intercourse, have difficulties achieving orgasms or have that feeling that you are not achieving all your sexual potential for pleasure.

Together we can work and guide you to have amazing orgasms and experience pleasure in a brand new way for both females and males. You can learn how to help your partner reconnect, recapture and spark passion in your relationships to deepen intimacy.

Ailment is not the product, it’s a result and many times it has to do with the way we express our emotions, feelings, and the mindset we exercise when facing adversity and responsibilities in our life and the lifestyle we maintain.

According to DR. Bach (1886-1936) prestigious medical bacteriologist, homeopath and researcher of London (creator of DR. Bach emotional therapy) disease is a primary result of an emotional imbalance.

Hidden emotions and internal conflicts are behind many physical illnesses and overall dissatisfaction in life. “The body screams what the mouth doesn’t say” Al. Jodorowsk

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