Anxiety Consultant Aberdeen.

Anxiety is one of the enemies of our happiness and well being, if you suffer from anxiety please contact our emotional wellness consultant today.

It has a many symptoms in different levels, such as:

Tachycardia, palpitation, pressure in the chest, difficulty breathing, tremors, shaking, sweatiness, digestive problems, nausea, vomiting, “knot in the stomach”, eating disorders, muscular tension and stiffness, tiredness, pins and needles, sense of dizziness and instability. If the neurophysical activation is very high it could manifest itself thru sleep alterations, eating and sexual response.

Psychological: Unease, restlessness, burdened, feeling of thread or danger, wanting to escape, feeling aggressive, insecurity, feeling of emptiness,  feeling disassociation, fear of loosing control, jealousy, suspicion, uncertainty, difficulty making decisions. In extreme cases fear of death, madness or suicide.

Behavior: Alertness and hypervigilance, feeling mentally blocked, clumsiness or difficulty to act, impulsive, motor restlessness, difficulty to be still and at ease. These symptoms are accompanied by changes in body expressiveness and body language: closed postures, stiffness, clumsy movements of hands and arms, tension in the jaw, changes in the voice, facial expression of astonishment, doubt or tension, etc

Intellectual or cognitive: Difficulty paying attention, concentration and memory, increase of lapses and oversights, excessive worry, negative expectations, rumination, distorted and unwanted thoughts, increase of doubts and confusion, tendency to remember especially unpleasant things, overvalue small unfavorable details, abuse of prevention and suspicion, inadequate interpretations, susceptibility, etc.

Social: Irritability, self-absorption, difficulties in initiating or following a conversation, in some cases, and verbiage in others, blocking or remaining blank when asking or responding, difficulties in expressing one’s opinions or asserting one’s rights, excessive fear to possible conflicts, etc.

Not all people have the same symptoms, nor do they have the same intensity in all cases. Each person, according to their biological and / or mental predisposition, are more vulnerable or susceptible to one or other symptoms.

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