Loneliness Consultant Aberdeen.

Loneliness is another major challenge that most people struggle with in their journey towards happiness. It is a very common and quite difficult obstacle to overcome, specially for young adults and the elderly.

In order to achieve happiness we must forge bonds and intimacy with other. We are social creatures and no matter how much we try to become or believe we are “self sufficient”, invariably we need to be have loved ones we can confide in, it is absolutely paramount that we establish a sense of belonging, to know that we can access support and give support to others. Being alone and being lonely are two different things. Loneliness is painful, draining, saddening and even depressing. Choosing to be alone gives us a sense of peace, we become creative and its even self healing, it allows us to get to know ourselves and enjoy introspective meditation.

Loneliness presents itself under several different circumstances, for example when you move to a new place, when we feel that we don´t quite fit in with others, feeling different and misunderstood, out of place, not belonging, while we are single, after a bad falling out or a divorce. When we are too invested in work or academic responsibilities, when we are unable to connect with people and forge friendship due to distrust of others or cultural differences. 

When some or all of these situations present themselves it is very common for people to simply withdraw emotionally, physically or both, making even harder to resolve it. 

Due to new technology and social dynamics, now a days it is very difficult to connect on a personal level with others.

The good news is that with some effort, loneliness can disappear and you will be able to enjoy that deeply desired connection with others, be it making new friends, finding a suitable partner, family, co-workers, etc. 

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