Female sexuality

Female sexual urges are real and by pretending they don´t exist we are robbing women of the opportunity to truly know love, safety and belonging within their bodies.

Women know deep inside them that their bodies are capable of amazing magical beauty but their sexuality feels constricted and trapped. Inherent value, worth, beauty and intelligence are determined by external factors.

Women are taught to hide and cover who they are, what they want and desire sexually for fear of judgement and rejection. Women´s orgasmic capabilities and experiences are not only very real, but very much important. The freedom to experience true deep and intense orgasms is the bridge to that profound feeling of acceptance, self love and inner peace. That much needed feeling of wholeness, self healing, self love and self respect with in the human body, mind and spirit.

Women have the option to learn how to reconnect with that great part of their life, connect with their fantasies, pleasures and body. A woman´s path to pleasure arousal takes longer to build but can reach unimaginable heights.

There is no chemical solution for a spiritual problem. Pharmaceuticals offer questionable results with many very real side effects. Over half of women are struggling with some aspect of their sexual function, the saddest part is that these women are either ashamed to seek help, ignore it or even worse don´t even know they have it.

By not being in the moment enjoying the sexual act, thinking about irrelevant things; do I look good? Am I doing it rights? Should I be doing this? Isn´t he done yet? Cant he see I am not ready? Doesn´t he know I am not done yet? Does this feel good? This doesn´t feel good. I guess he likes this, I will just let him finish, I will hold my breath and focus, just concentrate, think about the laundry, don´t cum yet, Don´t be a prude, don´t act like a whore, don´t feel so much, Do I look fat? Am I too thin? Am I wet enough? Should I moan? Should I be quiet? I will just fake an orgasm.

Sex has become a job and this has become the cultural norm. We expect the world to impose on us what sex is and what it should mean to us. How we are supposed to experience it, even if we enjoy it or not and how.

We bring our head noises into sex with us, these noises drown us and keep us from enjoying the intense music of our bodies during sex.

We feel we are missing something, what we are missing is closeness and acceptance of our natural right to orgasms and the connection with whom we are. What we are missing is closeness with ourselves.