Relationships Consultant Aberdeen.

Love does not prevent crises, but it can be the main element of support to find a solution. The way in which issues can be resolved will depend on whether a relationship manages a crisis or perceives it as what is the beginning of the end. The way in which each member of the relationship faces this period o crisis is due to several factors such as emotional maturity, length of the relationship, resources available to them or the specific moment in which they find themselves.

Is it an issue, a challenge, a crisis, separation or the end or the relationship?

Depending on the way its perceived and faced, of how the members of the relationship behave before and when facing the situation, the relationship will be either stronger or it will be the first stage of the end.

This means is that when the situation arises, before it becomes a crisis, the question should not be “is this the end of the relationship?”, but rather “do I want it to be the end of the relationship?”  A bad situation will only become a crisis if its not managed properly, but it will be become the end of the relationship if it is not resolved effectively.

Relationships Consultant Aberdeen.

Do I love my partner? Do we want the same things? Do we have the same goals? Am I deeply interested my partner? Do I care about what is important for to partner? DO I want this relationship? Do I have total confidence in my partner? Do I want to have total confidence in my partner? And the relationship as a whole? Am I committed to this relationship? Do I feel my partner is committed to the relationship? Am I willing to contribute to improving the relationship? During difficult moments our emotional state is altered; therefore, keep in mind the scope of your decisions, especially if you as much as say you choose to end the relationship or take any action towards it. This is not only a separation between people in the relationship, but sometimes also  families with children, a whole network of relationships and friends, financial dependencies, so if the relationship has its brakes on, and that prevents reflection and improvement in order to prosper, it is convenient to stop and contact us, in order to unblock the situation and enable spaces so that the reflection meets the desirable guarantees and results. It will introduce balance and establish a protocol to help the relationship be saved or end it in the best possible terms. This way you can avoid unnecessary hardship and trauma.

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