The main problem we all face at least at one point for some, and most for most of their lives is the engraved idea that sex is shameful. The very medical term for our external genital organs, specially a woman´s is “PUDEMDUM”, meaning that whereof one ought to feel shame”. 

We are caught between academic explanations of sex and its consequences, i.e.: diseases, pregnancy, social repulsion, moral judgments, etc and pornography which depicts an unrealistic and less than ideal portrayal of a sexual experience.

We are living in an age of great pleasure deficit. Very few things we do everyday give us any kind of true, deep pleasure. We have turned a blind eye and closed heart to the great joys and experiences that sex has to offer.

It is that missing piece we all feel deep inside us but takes over many parts of our lives. That fundamental need and desire to connect with another human being on the deepest of levels, to have pure feeling and enjoy that moment to the fullest beyond we could ever imagine or have ever felt before.

We feel trapped between silence, repression and shame on one side and over sexed imaging, unnecessary pressure, porn and unrealistic expectations of sex on the other.

The cure for this condition is orgasms, to let yourself have the fulfillment experience of ecstasy, of truly fusing your entire self with your partner and create that ever lasting bond that neither time nor distance could ever weaken nor break.